CEO y Fundador de Inmedia Studio

Jose Luis Navarro, also known as Lito, it’s an entrepreneur that unravels and explore emergent and immersive technologies. He aims to replicate and amplify “life” with technology, and make it tangible.
He creates SOLUTIONS=hard+soft+CONTENT that helps tangibilize Digital Transformation.
Technology Evangelist, spreading the benefits of useful technology and desmistifying new technologies making them understandable.
His method, that he applies into his companies is based on a multidisciplinary teamwork that get immersed on the client’s activity -CONTENT- to replicate amplify and improve the client “life” (activity) with CREATIVITY and technology.
Pioneer with VR & AR Oculus Rift, Cardboard, Vive, Meta, solutions, for many sector as, Industrial, Entertainment, Events, Turism, Healthcare, Sports, Educational, Trainning and Marketing.

Consultant and Teacher on emergent and immersive technologies, digital environments.


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