Smart Badge for Exhibitors

Turn your visitors into highly qualified leads

We are thrilled to offer OMExpo´s exhibitors and visitors access to our new techonolgy “Smart Badge”

All visitors will have theis “Smart Badge” (digital accreditation), being able to use it during the whole visit. By only bringint it closer to each stand’s reader they will receive all the exhibitors information.

Any exhibitor will obtaind data from visitors that have scanned their reader.








  • Each exhibitor will have at theis disposal a accreditacion reader with its sticker to place it on their stand.
  • The reader is a wireless sensor that sends information diditally.
  • When a visitor gets its accreditation close up to the reader, it will gather the data you might have introduced at your My Easifairs, abour your company and your products. This information will be sent to visitors on a summary email at the end of the day.
  • If you have hired the online EasyGo Leads pack or the EasyGo Plus pack, you will obtain information about each of the visitros that have reached your reader. At the same time, visitors will receive all the data on an email at the end of the event.


  • Spread your company’s information easily and with greater scope.
    Visitors will easily obtain information about your company and products simply by bringing their accreditation closer to the reader, thanks to their Smart Badge. They will receive all the information by email. Even those visitors with whom you have not had the opportunity to chat, may have requested information from your stand and will receive it.
  • Cut down costs and waste.
    By providing your company information and products in digital format, you will need fewer brochures, catalogs and any other printed materials. With this system you will experience a cut down on production and transport costs. In addition, visitors will not have to carry their documents while visiting the event and will be less likely to miss them.
  • Produce engagement and commitment with your visitors.
    Visitors who bring their accreditation closer to the reader of your stand, will receive your information in digital format, which makes it easier for them to share this information with colleagues and friends by email or on their social networks.
  • More amount of contacts and opportunities
    If you have hired the EasyGo Leads or Plus, you can scan the visitors accreditation with the Visit Connect exhibitors App, but you can also invite them to bring their accreditation to the reader so they can receive your marketing documents and your company’s information. You will get the list of the visitors that do it!
  • Simplify the post event follow-up
    If you have hired the EasyGo Leads or Plus, you will receive a digital list that contains data from every visitor who has requested your information. You will no longer have to import data from a business card.

¿What to do before the event?

Make sure that your My Easyfairs profile is completely updated, with your caompany’s description and logo , product information and any other information you would like to share with visitors that move closer their accreditation to your reader.


¿What to do during the event?

  • Pick up your reading device at the Business Point.
  • Find the best location for your reader: it must be accessible to the visitor (a very visible place, neither too high nor too low, that can be easily reached from outside your stand …) We will be happy to help!
  • Place the green sticker on the wall or desk where you decide to place the reader.
  • Remove the back of the sticker that belongs to the reader and stick it inside the green sticker.
  • Encourage visitors to scan the reader and use it during the fair. When the reading has completed, a green light will appear. The reader will have enough battery for the entire event.
    NOTE: If you have any problems with your reader at the event, please contact the Poken support team at the Businnes point.
  • Give back the reader at the Businnes point the last day of the event (at the end).
  • If you have hired GoLeads or GoPlus, you will receive data from people who have moved closer their Smart Badge to your reader. You will only have to access My Easyfairs and download the list. If you have contracted GoVisibility, visitors will get your information but you will not receive their data.

¿Does it have any additional cost?

  • Smart badges are included in the EasyGo contract.
  • Non-returned devices will have a surcharge of 500€. The card readers are rented and property of Poken SA.

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