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2016 Feria de Madrid


In the different zones of Meet and Greet Lounge that are distributed around the explanatory zone of futurizz, it will be possible enjoy specific areas of bar and networking where the brands will be able to generate a direct engagement with his targeted public, positioning and connection with the public visitor in a strained environment. Our strong travel of 11 years as OMExpo & eCOMExpo have allowed us to evolve to futurizz: the reference event and the place to be for the digital business in Spain


Dedicated area for presenting business cases, success stories ad demos of solutions and services. The content of the product or service will be presented in 20-minute slots.


Dynamic content presented in 40 minutes slots. Brands and services will present workshops and masterclasses in a creative and innovative way.


Dynamic content presented in several formats: pitchezz, round tables, workshops.


Central content area that presents every news and tendency about digital transformation.

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